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Mentorship Conversations I

Get Motivated with the Mentorship Conversations with Bassie Kumalo. “We are all responsible for our own outcomes and our own happiness” “You have to trust that the dots would connect in your future! You have to trust in something!! I trust in God!!!” “You have to...

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Update on Court Case

Thank you for always believing the best of us and your unwavering support through the most vicious attack on our family. Some of you do not even know us personally, yet you have shown us tremendous love and support during this hurtful time. For that, we thank you....

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Mandela Day

The Legacy that uMadiba has left for us has made humanity better. It espouses a leader whose courage and conviction for a cause is the best testament to what we can glean from it. He asked of all of us to just do better, be kinder and be more compassionate. The Legacy...

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Being still is a way to reconnect with self

The benefits of meditation have become a huge topic lately, with proponents reporting astounding results and entire new movements which encourage people to sit in silence and try not to think! Even as I describe that, it feels strange. "Sit in silence and try not to...

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Remember, we are all the same

In July 2000, 10-year-old Nkosi Johnson gave a speech at the opening of the 13th International Aids Conference in Durban. He detailed his life, beginning with what it was like to live in a community which discriminated against people with HIV/Aids. Nkosi, whose mother...

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Despite the gloom, let’s focus on the bright side

The rain will come! Recent events in the country have escalated to levels that can no longer be denied, and as we are bombarded with all manner of information, points of view and narratives, this might be as good a time for us to reflect as we come to the end of the...

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Refill with what you love

Self-compassion is both a simple and profound concept. It is one of those concepts many of us were not exposed to because of the nature of our communities. Growing up in large, close-knit families where one is not pre-occupied with the self, teaches us to give to...

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Four guides of my life

The Four Agreements, a book by Miguel Ruiz was first brought to my attention when I was granted the huge opportunity to interview Oprah Winfrey in 2002. In the interview, which became more of a masterclass on her life, we covered topics far and wide. We unpacked the...

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