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Chicken Livers

Ingredients: Chicken livers Olive oil Chopped Onions Green peppers Garlic & Ginger Dhania Rajah flavourful and mild spice Chicken spice Lemon juice Know chicken stock cubes Preparations: Saute chopped onions, add green peppers and add garlic & ginger, dhania...

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Lamb Knuckles

Lamb knuckles:   Ingredients: Lamb Knuckles Fresh rosemary herbs Red peppers Tomatoes Crushed garlic & ginger Dhania Rajah Mild curry powder Barbecue spice Barbecue marinade Lemon juice Preparations: Mix the fresh rosemary herbs, barbecue spice,...

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Chicken Breasts

Chicken Breasts   Ingredients: Chicken Breast Chicken spice Ina Paarman garlic and herb spice Fresh Rosemary herbs (MY FAVOURITE!) Ground coriander. ANY chicken marinade sauce Method: Mix the top ingredients and the chicken breasts and let the chicken...

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Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad   Ingredients: Beetroot Feta Cheese Green Grapes Fresh Basil Herbs Preparations:  Boil Beetroot for 1 hour. Method: Dice the beetroot Add the top ingredients Drizzle the Knorr honey and mustard salad...

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Green Bean & Tuna Salad

Green Beans and Tuna Salad Ingredients: Green beans red onions Tuna Balsamic Vinegar Preparations: Steam the green beans for 4 minutes, add garlic salt and wait for them to cool down. Method:  Once the green beans are crunchy and cooled, chop them. Add...

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