Brand Bassie

The following companies have been represented by Basetsana in her capacity as a Brand Ambassador.

ACKERMANS: Basetsana was the Brand Ambassador for a campaign around their clothing range called: “STATURE BY BASSIE”. This campaign was aimed at their Corporate range in order to gain a larger footprint into the market that was not only affordable to the average business person, but also a range that the business person could walk into a business environment feeling very glamorous and good about themselves.

CADILLAC: Basetsana was required to be a Brand Ambassador for a campaign around the new make of Cadillac coming into the market.

LUX: Basetsana was the Brand Ambassador for this campaign and marketed the Lux products by promoting the range and its beautiful smells and feeling that Lux product bring. She also promoted the benefits of using this soft and subtle product.

MILADYS, QUEENSPARK AND WOOLWORTHS: Basetsana was the Brand Ambassador for these stores and marketed their leisure ware. Anyone who has bought from any of these stores can certainly agree that the quality and comfort that this range brings is of top quality and worth every penny. Wearing any of the above ranges, not only looks good on a person, but is elegant and rather trendy!

LG: Basetsana represented LG around the “Going Green” Campaign. As you are all aware, going green is so vital to the environment as well as to our health. Support Bassie and the cause and GO GREEN.

REVLON: Basetansa represented this product and looked absolutely amazing as she marketed and applied this product during the campaign. Smooth and sophisticated are the colours and finish of this product, that it is an absolute must to spoil yourself and purchase the range of Revlon products.


  • PROWEB/BWASA Trade Investment Forum in Zimbabwe: Woman Empowerment in Africa and assessment of the BEE instruments in SA
  • BWOYA 2009
  • University of Johannesburg: Tapping the power within You.
  • Norwegian State Visit: Role of Accountable Leadership and Gender Empowerment.
  • Kingsmead College: Maximising your individual brand.
  • Woman the Brand: Brand Equity.
  • JSE Colloquium for Women Directors: Presentation on Census (BWASA).
  • University of Cape Town: Academic Dinner 2011. How to achieve success.
  • SABC/Metro FM 2011: Women’s Month: Empowerment and celebrating being a woman.
  • Truworths Road Show 2011: Achieving success through hard work.
  • Inaugural Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit 2011:  How Women Executives can think strategically and overcome challenges, leverage opportunities, and develop a unique set of leadership skills.