Basetsana Kumalo at the Nelson Mandela Foundation – Education in the Rural setting.

Women’s Month questions.

Basetsana Kumalo gives a key note at JO’burg secretary day

Gratitude births courage, so having an attitude of gratitude is important on a daily basis.
Being punctual is a sign that you do not only respect yourself and those around you, but is an example of excellence.
During her interview with Oprah, Oprah tells Bassie about 4 agreements she found a book, that help her deal with negativty.
Bassie explains that if the system of the day labels you as a “rebel”, at least be a rebel with a cause.
Make sure you have someine in your corner who will pull you up and avoid people with “PHD” – Pull Her Down Syndrome.
Bassie briefly explains her mentorship relationship with Tata Madiba to emphasise the importance of mentorship
Fear is a hinderance to greatness, courage is necessary for you to step out of your comfort zone.
Define fear, understand within your self, recognise it and learn how to overcome it.
Bassie tells of how dreaming big was instilled in her and her siblings from a very young age.
It is not the absence of fear, there can be no courage without fear.
Encouraged to be courages.
A poem about a phenominal woman, by a phenominal woman.
Pursue your dreams fearlessly

Dr Victor Ramathesele from Bonitas House Call on SABC 2 speaks Basetsana Kumalo

Basetsana talks about how she grew up, her family life, the lessons she learned from her parents and how entrepreneurship was engraved into her from an early age
Basetsana opens-up, about the health challenges that she has experienced, from miscarriages to steps she has had to take to ensure she stays healthy for the sake of her children, highlighting how her husband Romeo held her hand through the entire process
Basetsana explains how an ankle fracture suffered at her son’s school completely changed her life causing her to be bed ridden for 3 months – But as she explains, it was actually a blessing in disguise.
Basetsana speaks about some books that she has given forewords on, her decision on raising her children outside of the public space, and what she has learned from her various health challenges
In closing Basetsana answers the question, how she maintains a positive outlook on life despite the various challenges that she has had to face and overcome.