Bassie's Philanthropy

Bassie and her husband Romeo have established the ROMEO AND BASETSANA KUMALO FAMILYFOUNDATION. This establishment assists in the development of children, with a strong emphasis on children who have been orphaned by Aids or other related diseases.

Bassie joined forces with UNICEF spokesperson and actress Salma Hayek in the bid to eradicate neonatal and maternal tetanus. The aim of this campaign was to raise more than 250 million vaccines by 2012, so as to assist in eliminating the silent killer disease.

Besides being nominated by former First Lady Graca Machel in 2007 as one of five celebrities who volunteered to take a public HIV test, Bassie also assisted in raising funds for the Baragwaneth Children’s Hospital.

Bassie also became a volunteer for Agang Sechaba, a project that commenced in 2007. The aim of this project was for various professional women to come together and give something back to the various township communities into which they were born.

A devoted Christian, Bassie received a special award from Operation Hunger, the Cancer Association of South Africa and the RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme), in which she played a key role. Just to mention a few, these included Childline, Take a Girl Child to Work and Reach for a Dream.

In 2008, Bassie was appointed as a Board Member of LoveLife. LoveLife is an HIV/AIDS Preventative organization focusing on media promotions that target young adults with the aim of being the promoter of life, and saving lives through community revitalization, leadership and development.

Bassie has been a Life Champion’s for Life College for the past 6 years, an organization steered towards being a catalyst for psychosocial and economic empowerment in Southern Africa, by providing character and leadership education.

Life College offers five programmes for youth, adults, and business in South Africa, This organization believes in restoring a drive in each individual, not only to rise above their circumstances but to ask themselves vital questions about how they choose to create and approach their environments. Other Life Champions include Richard Branson, Peter Gabriel, Jane Raphaely, Tim Modise, Raymond Ackerman and Annie Lenox.

Bassie’s and Romeo’s philanthropy reaches across the following activities:

  • Basetsana Kumalo Mentorship Network
  • BWA
  • Unicef
  • Joybringers
  • Cancer Associations
  • Siyahamba Foundation for Academic Excellence
  • Life College
  • Nelson Mandela Institute
  • JHB Child Welfare
  • loveLife
  • Agang Sechaba

Bassie was awarded The Inyathelo Philanthropy Award in 2009. This award was to acknowledge the extraordinary work that individual South Africans do to benefit individuals and communities in South Africa through their time, generosity and commitment.

Mentorship Programmes

As our children grow into young adults, they are always in need of some guidance, whether it is in their professional lives or their private lives. The young adults of today are our future and mainstay of an economically thriving nation. If we can look after our youngsters, we will be a winning nation!

Tertiary education so important simply because it has one thing that no one can take away from you, it gives you certain advantages to step up to the next level and coupled with life experience, it will stand you in good stead, no matter what life throws at you.

As Basetsana strongly believes in making a difference and adding value to enhance and encourage young adults who have a vision of where they want to go with their lives but sometimes need that “little” push to get them started in their working careers, Basetsana and her team arrange a bi-annually Mentorship Program.

This program entitles 50 young and eager young adults who fit the criteria relevant to the program, to spend a day with Basetsana, sharing her experiences while she motivates them to take that leap of faith and move towards making a success of their lives.

Included in this exiting day are various high level Guest Speakers who have come from various industries to share their insight, knowledge and experiences with these youngsters, thus giving them some insight to various industries that they feel they might enjoy working in.

Look out for our next invitation to the 2011 Mentorship Programme on the website. You might be one of the lucky people who qualify to share a very exciting and meaningful day with Basetsana and her guests.