Basetsana Kumalo, fondly known as Bassie is a role model, social entrepreneur, business woman, and philanthropist. Chief Executive of several companies, and a board member of a whole lot more which include the Nelson Mandela Institute, her business interests span Mining, Media, Technology and Property sectors.


Bassie has contributed immensely to educational development in various communities. She has been a Life Champion’s for Life College for the past 6 years; an organization steered towards being a catalyst for psychosocial and economic empowerment in Southern Africa, by providing character and leadership education.


Amongst several causes and initiatives that Bassie has pioneered or is involved with, she and her husband Romeo have established the ROMEO AND BASETSANA KUMALO FAMILY FOUNDATION. This establishment assists in the development of children, with a strong emphasis on children who have been orphaned by AIDS or other related diseases.


Basetsana is a former President of the Business Women’s Association of South Africa, and Executive Chairperson of Tswelopele Productions, a television production company which produces Top Billing, Pasella, Ses’Khona amongst others. She is also a Director at Travel with Flair, and owns her own optical, sunglasses and cosmetic range.

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